zaterdag 28 januari 2012

Moving my podcast/blog PyjamaPiano

My (sub-) daily podcast Pyjamapiano has been hosted past half year on  Somehow a few weeks ago that adress got blocked.  Was easy to unblock through sending email to the provider, but within a day it got blocked again.  Now we're about 8 re-opens/re-blocks down the line.  In no way have they answered any of my correspondence other than by a preprogrammed line like "your account is unblocked now, any more questions do not hesitate to contact us", and somewhat later the other line "we have forwarded your problem to our techteam".

However I have not yet received any more elaborate explanation as to what exactly went wron but the very last email I got after insisting on answer when unblocking did not happen again for about a week: "Your account gets blocked everytime you open it again because our server flags it as a SPAM-one.  You have to upgrade to unlock your account".

No explanation as to what exactly they mean by the SPAM-remark, just a link to 'upgrade'.  Upgrading means pay at least $29,- for an 'advanced' account.  So now I have to PAY to get my half years worth of data back?!?  I have not received any answer yet to my return-email over a week ago -in wich I protest and tell them my podcast is non-commercial, and about as far removed from spam as a freshly slaughtered cow- but: "we have forwarded your problem to our tech-team"

Now, upgrading my account was an intention I had up to the moment this nightmare started....  it would give me more room to store recordings, ie the possibilty to keep up a back-catalog of about 1-2 months instead of the 2-3 weeks I have now (I erase old recordings to make room for new ones), plus the bonus of being able to design the page exactly the way I want it instead of the choice of a few template, where i got the least ugly one....

So to make along story short, I have a different place to store my recordings, have been using it up to now as a little sister to the podcast-blog/site with other intentions, and by now it's clear to me that provider is less of a nuisance.  So my $29 will eventually go there for added storage and an better way to play the recordings, coupled to this blog (wich is free and gives me total control over how it looks and functions) and the podcast-service will be coupled to yet another free provider.  A bit more work to start with, buta lot more control over everything.

For now the adress is this blog, but in a short while it will be my own domain, meaning from that moment on the adress will not change anymore and whatever happens providerwise you will always be able to reach PyjamaPiano through the same URL.

So here goes, above this post you will find the some of the back-catalog.  And from then on the usual (sub-)daily posting WITH comments/story and illustration(s).

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