What's this?

Pyjamapiano is a (sub-) daily podcast / blog, consisting of a free piano improvisation played by myself.  An early-morning moment of thoughtless reception of whatever my hands are willing to convey through the means of my 1931 George Russel solid wood piano, and sometimes my voice.  It is the very first music I make that day.  From the first keystroke on (sometimes the first meaningful keystroke, but ok) up to the moment notes run out.  Uncut or edited.

I never cease to be surprised and enchanted by what comes out that particular moment of the day, when the mind and soul are not yet influenced in any way by everyday life and its chores and I just sit down and let rip, with or without a slight idea of what's to be played.   I try to just switch of any conscious articulation or contemplation of music and solely respond to- and try to fulfill -whatever my stiff morning-hands are up to laying down.

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