How come?

I started this project when -after a period of not playing my piano for a few years-, I lifted the lid and found out not a single key would move.   I dove into its inards and -after some study- started an elaborate and ever so careful restoration of the damage caused by a family of mice that had chosen my piano as their home for some unknown stretch of time.

Once I got it back to a state where it was playable again, I decided the only way to keep it going -and to assure myself of enough motivation and drive to keep going at the not by a long shot finished restoration- was to play it each and every day.

Doing so, and doing this mostly first or near first thing in the morning I once more discovered the amazing feat of music from who knows where, just magically and effortless streaming into/out of that beautiful instrument. 

Just a few small steps then from the effort of doing this every day in the morning, to recording it.  And from there on to sharing it through a blog/podcast, with some of my thoughts concerning the new music I just surprised myself with, and some illustration perhaps.

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