dinsdag 29 mei 2012

What Elephant ?

'ts been a while, have barely played past two weeks. You may notice there's a #181 missing; that I did record last week, bu I'm still processing that recording, as I hadn't got around to posting it, mostly because it's really two recordings and I had a hard time deciding.  So do tune in later today for it, and to find out how I solved the dilemma.

Back to roots, this one is recorded at seven in the morning, as dictated by my original premise: unedited, from first note on until ran out off notes.  The basic theme had been running through my head for a few days now, so I just played it at once.  And then found out the trouble I got myself into ;-)

Not playing for a while sure stiffs up the old fingers, but I hope there's no real bother by it in today's elaboration of a short melodic phrase from Saint Saens' 'Carnaval des animaux'. On of the classical pieces my Father used to play for me when I was a kid. Being a baby this would be played on a taperecorder next to my cradle in a noisy room and I'd go to sleep like, er, well, like a baby!

PS: Still looking for a nice picture to this episode, any suggestions?  There's also a little anecdote to go with this recording, but I'll tend to the otherr episode first, so do cast your eye on this one later on too.

donderdag 17 mei 2012

Sun At Last!

Willow with wild plants on it; picture by me this morning
This bright spell started yesterday evening, wich gave me a great chance to see Saturn and Venus through the telscope, ever so clear and sharp. Soooo beautiful, If I had pictures of that I'd put 'm here and name this one 'Venus & Saturn' instead...

And to share it with a Facebook Friend who came to stay over for two days, and got me out to take an amazing amount of great pictures all over town.  She'd never seen a Planet through a telescope before, and was awed...  Like I am awed by the way this willow caught some earth and a seed and grew these beautiful flowers up there.....
PS you'll hear her kind remark after I ran out of notes...

maandag 14 mei 2012

Mozart's Mower, Bird AndViro-Mental Piano!

A duet with the environment again.  Has been a while since I done that.  Always surprising.  At first I figured: 'ah, too much noise from the mower outside, I'll record later'.  Now it's later and they're still mowing, so I'm glad I decided: if you can't beat'm join'm.

Besides, here we're bak to my original premise; record at seven in the morning, any wich way.  I opened the window to let in the mowing-machine - and why bother switching of the TV with Mozart's Zauberflöte -...  Kept the remote handy though.

In the last minutes a bird decided to get in on the fun.  At first I didn't really notice it at all, I think it was perfectly in tune and adding to the music before it attracted my attention.  It has not let me down for the rest of my play.

And we end this one the way we began it, Mozart's Mower and the bird.

PS I still need a great picture for this one (and the last one too!) ; Anyone?

woensdag 9 mei 2012

Sturm und Drang

The creative process can be quite disconcerting and confusing from time to time.  This process, from blinding, paralizing inspiration to fruit was my premise for todays improv.   This and the approach of the piano as a percussion instrument, rather than the harmonic/melodic approach I usually embody.

Working title was 'Stepping Stones', and I suppose that shines through quite obviously.  As it was done, and I contemplated what I had played minutes later on my bike-ride, the present title presented itself as more appropriate.

It takes a considerable while of seemingly meaningless chaotic dissonant percussive rythmic elaboration before the planted seeds sprout into some of the more familiar harmonic and agreeable elements emerging into a final realisation of relaxation and fulfillment.  (did I seriously just type those words in ernest?  It looks like jibberjabber from a comedy on make-beief artistic folks...  but seriously, if you listen you'll find it makes real sense after all... Sometimes as Dad sez truth is stranger than fiction; and may I add: more banal..)

PS if you have a illustration to suggest for this, please don't hesitate to fill me in/send it?...