maandag 14 mei 2012

Mozart's Mower, Bird AndViro-Mental Piano!

A duet with the environment again.  Has been a while since I done that.  Always surprising.  At first I figured: 'ah, too much noise from the mower outside, I'll record later'.  Now it's later and they're still mowing, so I'm glad I decided: if you can't beat'm join'm.

Besides, here we're bak to my original premise; record at seven in the morning, any wich way.  I opened the window to let in the mowing-machine - and why bother switching of the TV with Mozart's Zauberflöte -...  Kept the remote handy though.

In the last minutes a bird decided to get in on the fun.  At first I didn't really notice it at all, I think it was perfectly in tune and adding to the music before it attracted my attention.  It has not let me down for the rest of my play.

And we end this one the way we began it, Mozart's Mower and the bird.

PS I still need a great picture for this one (and the last one too!) ; Anyone?

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