dinsdag 13 mei 2014

212-Manhattan Island Serenade/Oude Maasweg kwart voor drie

Again a song I haven't played in years and years. And, of course, first take, no cuts. Meaning: the usual 2 or 3 real mistakes and no optimal vocals, mostly working on the keys ;-) My advice is to stop at 4:10, after that I just delve into the chords and try out some stuff , with some horrible misgrips and loosing all music that was before from time to time. Unless of course you are interested in the exploration, that is ;-)
Some of it I very much like though! And will delve into it deeper. Correction: have been digging with it for some more time already, sweeeet, love doing that and discovering new places...it's in my head now and won't leave until I spent quite a lotta more time with it...


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