vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Kip En Ei

Well known Dutch saying: "Wat was er eerder, de kip of het ei"?
I'm not sure wether this saying exists in other languages.  In English:
"Wich one was first, the chicken or the egg"?
To utterly confuse the matter: Peacock eggs and chick, brooded by a chicken

Here's both, two movements.  I'd say the first is actually the chicken and the second one the egg.  But of course that is debatable.  If I were to make cuts and edits I'd use the second movement as first.  But that would be cheating.  And it totally defies the essence of the whole premise as it proves the saying.

First movement is a simple prelude/etude/sonata-like tonal exploration of some simple and elemental melodic/harmonic elements.  Second movement I just let rip, total thoughtless intuitive playing, where the elements of first movement somehow find their place in chaos...

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