zaterdag 10 maart 2012

Bach To Balkan

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A short ditty today.  Just a few Bach-like melodics and counterpoint tries.  of course yesterday when I was just trying the first two octaves when tuning Mom' s piano I had the most perfect and brilliant minutes of 2-3 voice counterpoint ever.  And of course then I had no recording going.  Tried somewhat later again with recording and of course that was total nonsense.   This morning was somewhere in the middle.

The other thing I did testing all octaves when nearly done with the tuning was this nice Balkan-thingy.  This morning I decided to try that when I ran out of Bach.  And of course my fingers were too stiff because I just got up.  Great fun nonetheless.  And guess what: Bach decided to get in on the Balkan-vibe.

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