woensdag 6 juni 2012

Sweet Child In Transit

Last night Venus transitted the Sun.  Meaning: Sun, Venus and Earth were aligned for about 6 hours.  Not only that, Moon was full the day before yesterday, and partly eclipsed. So, also just about as aligned with the rest as it ever can be.   Besides all that, if you draw a line to the stars through that alignement you get to the Pleiades.  Oh, and Saturn isn't that far off that line either, even Mars is more or less in that lineup...  Enough reason for astrologers to claim massive energy-effects and anything from the end of the World to earthquakes to love blooming to whatever you can think of.

For an astronomer it means nothing more than a very interesting and special occasion, enabling accurate measurement of the Solar System in the 18'th ccentury for the first time ever.  Concerning the Pleiades: well, there's always SOME asterism that is in line with something, so what that means I leave to your imagination.  As far as any real measurable effect of the whole alignement is concerned let me suffice with mentioning that the only real energetic consequence would be a slight chance in gravity.  About as strong -no, much weaker than- the attraction between an apple on your desk and you.

Nonetheless a huge outpouring of energy was apparent this morning when someone in a small group where I was started singing a few bars of 'Child in Time' (Deep Purple).  Within seconds it turned into a room full of feral cats screaming their lungs out.  Very impressive.  That, plus a lot of remarks on Facebook about people going crazy, does make you wonder somewhat....

I just felt, when I got home, like playing the song I hadn't played for years.  So here it is, first take, no edits.  As usual.  I refrained (somewhat) from exploring the ultra-high vocal registers I managed (or not) in that early morning group-rendition, and later belting on my bicycle searching for a good key.   However, the piano I did not treat as kindly as I did my voice.  And considering the vocals here you can only feel sorry for my big wooden friend.
Note I managed to dislodge a few strings.  Ah, it's due for tuning by now anyway.... 

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