maandag 6 februari 2012

Magnificent Desolation

..."Magnificent Desolation"...  Is what Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin said to refine Neil Armstrong's remark "Magnificent view", after a short contemplatitve pause.  A soundbite that has been multiply beat by Neil's beautiful "small step for man, giant leap for mankind".  Of course the first words on the Moon would be the ones to go down in history as definition of the event.
 However, "Magnificent Desolation" to me is the true term in wich I feel some of the impressiveness of the whole experience and place is condensed.

Neil Armstrong is the official hero, being first to step down, a logical consequence of his rank as commander.  To me Buzz is the one that really got the whole experience engrained in his soul, so much so he spent years and years after the fact to come to terms with the sheer awesomeness of it.

This morning I'd been watching a marvellous 2 hour documentary on NASA-tv about the entire history of American spaceflight.  So when I started playing when the whole Moon-landing-segment had concluded of course there was only that in my mind and heart...

I got into the contrast between the highstrung intense experience and practice of spaceflight on the edge of experience, science and engineering, and the magnificent desolation of space ande the Moon.  And of 3 people entirely cut of from the planet, only linked by umbilical radio...

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