dinsdag 14 februari 2012


 One of those things you learn first year at the conservatory: the 'Tristan-chord', plus its solution, and the 'Tyl Uylenspiegel-chord' plus ditto.  And the difference between those two.  They're both very tense chords, begging for a solution and release of tension, and both do it in an unexpected and delightful way.

  Now those two are so very much alike that I am not at all sure wether in this case I have explored the one or the other, or perhaps both...   And see if I really care.  Althoug, knowing myself, I reckon somewhere in coming days I will check it out.  Wich will probably either result in an addendum to this little scribble, or a new episode with that story, 

So ths morning I laid my hands on the keys and out came that chord.  Trembling with wild anticipation I followed my instincts and safe from one mis-grip (that wasn't that missed after all considering it probably laid seeds for a further developement later on) I managed to solve the riddle and play the notes that I had learned so long ago should follow.  What an amzing thing the mind and tactile memory is.  If you'd ask me right now to lay down that chord (or write it in notation) plus the solution I honestly would not have a clue.

Anyway, as I've said, this chord/progression opens up a World of strange and tense music that I have somewhat explored this morning.  Still I haven't even barely stirred the surface I'm sure...   All but a short moment of this, very near the end where I lost my nerve I do believe this is one of the nicer ones I've made so far.  At that point I just stopped, and concluded what was left.  Ran out notes. Of course I could have cheated and cut out that little mess-up, but that I do not do here. Not here.  Not in the morning with pyjama's on.  That's how It should be.

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