vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Don't Bother

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..They're here.

 An exploration of 'Send in the Clowns'. Another song I haven't played in years and years. It's always interesting to find what is left in the mind and fingers of a song you once played and knew by heart x years after. One of those things this bl;og is about. Though of course you wish to play the ultimate rendition of it the moment you sit down with a clear aural image of it in mind what comes out is very much a different thing. First of all of course much less perfect, and though the lyrics may be quite clear and somewhat complete once you start playing there's just a small part of it that actually comes out whole. But that snippet is in a way the essence of a song, its heart. The center around wich the whole thing revolves once you've re-programmed the autopilot that gets one to play an entire song whole. And, as I stated before, is what this blog/podcast is about. 

>>> Recording yet to be processed and posted, ETA within a few hours <<<<

This blog/podcast has a little sister: http://soundcloud.com/musical-nightgown .  A little sister born yet but still in its very young infant/suckling stage.  The idea and purpose being to get these early morning explorations and work on them to produce a grown child in the evening: in this case the song whole and 'proper', with full lyrics and performance.  Ah, well, we'll see...
  Right now I've used this to post the recordings of PyjamaPiano since the original PP-site got blocked, and for now it will be the way to get my recordings on this blog, but that's just an emergency-measure until i get the whole thing sorted out.  WIll keep you posted.

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