woensdag 15 februari 2012

Harmonie Der Spheren

Music of the Spheres.  A Pythagoreian concept describing the way of the Cosmos.  Also a deeper meaning, the idea that all and everything in this Cosmos, including the Earth and its living beings are subject to one larger whole: a harmoy of vibrations.  Each planet, tree, creature fulfilling its one note in the overall harmony of life and being.       (-the Universe and everything=42 ;-P )

<<<--- Pan, the Greek horned God holding his flute (yes; Panpipes...) where each pipe or tone represents the orbit of one of the (then known) 7 Planets... 

 This flute he made from the reeds that resulted from him chasing the Woman he lusted after: Syrinx, transforming herself into those reeds to hide from his persistance. 

Pan played this flute in mourning ever since. 

But that's a whole different story, -as far as I know- not having anything to do with
Harmony of the Spheres.

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Tura zei

als je beseft dat alle inspanning slechts inspanning is
en er niets is dat iets hoeft te worden
dankbaar voor het mogen horen
en voor dát
wat daar diep in mij getuigt van
niet weten hoe horen mogelijk is

PyjamaPiano zei