donderdag 23 februari 2012

However Much I Try

- I cannot be more than one musical instrument at once.  Aside exceptions like guitar/piano & vocals, guitar and mouthharp in a brace of course, but let's just keep that out opf the equation for now. 

This episode is more or less orchestral in nature.  In otjher words, a few times I play two different voices left and right, and wind up having a finger from each hand on the same key...  Each with it's own topuch of that voice at the time.  Impossible of course, especially when those voices end up crossing, ie right goes down and left goes up...  Takes a certain kind of mind to be able to then decide wether to cross hands or switch hands, and I'm not quite sure wether I've managed to get across that bridge in the several cases this morning where that happened...

So let's forget about that whole matter, let alone go into the fact that it's not just those two or contemplate using feet as well to go up to four ;-)
So let me just state that if ever an instrument exists that is somewhat able to approach the possibility to play a symphony-orchestra as just one person it would have to be the piano.  And let's assume I managed this morning to slightly touch that possibillilty.

Mostly this morning's play to me had óne very clear motif coming out, one that, the more it appeared and repeated seemed so familiar.  Many times that happens, and the amazing thing always is, again and again, how clear it appears to be, each time it pops up, some element gets clearer, and each time another element of it pops up it's somehow just self-evident that that certain variation is the way it was meant.  Wether that is because it is something heard before, or something entirely new, and also wether there's a real distinction between those two I cannot tell.  What I can tell though is I have the impression it is a theme from an orchestral work by the Man that taught me composition at the conservatory; Will have to check that out, Wich I will in due time for I have a recording of that piece.   I wonder....

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