vrijdag 17 februari 2012


Jacob Philipp Hackert - Grand Waterfall at Tivoli - 1783
Actually the piece doesn't really start until about 1:00.    But I included the first minute anyway because in a way that is the seeds, or, in this case, the first drops and some small insignificant dead-end trickles.   And after all, doesn't every waterfall start out like that?  The original premise of this podcast/blog was: from the first keystroke on, uncut or edited.  Uncut and -edited is still usually the case; the 'from the first keystroke' I sometimes take a slight bit less literal now.  But there's always been a particular -and I believe valid -reason to not cut from the moment on where it gets 'interesting', because one of the things this is about, and fascinates me, is where does the music come from?  Well, that first minute gives us a small insight into the answer to that unanswerable question.

So, if you do not wish to get particularly wet and just can't be bothered, start at 1:00... ;-)  A -not overly inspired or comprehensive- exploration of one simple melodic element, and the harmonies it implies.

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